Team Racelogic Outright FunCup Winners!

The last race of the exciting 2012 FunCup season took place at a sunny Oulton Park, with Team Racelogic only needing a clean finish to clinch the class title, but a top two finish to clinch the overall Championship.

Qualifying went very well, with all three drivers posting times in the top four, and Nigel managing to post the fastest lap in the dying moments.

However, as in a number of races this year, we drew the last row of the grid, giving Nigel a lot to do at the start of the race!

Nigel had a very exciting opening stint getting stuck into a number of hard fought battles, eventually moving into first place followed very closely by a flying Car 99 who were shadowing Nigel’s every move.

However, during the driver change, Joachim required a long push start down the pitlane to get going, which dropped us back down the field, but Joachim made some places back and we were running first in class and third overall when he handed over to Julian.

Julian chased down the leading pair of diesels, and eventually caught right up with them just as the safety car came out during a pit window. Julian instantly dived into the pits, and a speedy driver change to Joachim put us back into the lead of the race ahead of the diesels of Eco racing and Dominoes Pizza.

It began to rain, and a safety car meant that the two diesels caught Joachim, and an epic battle between them continued for the whole 40minute stint, with the leading trio slowly pulling away from the rest of the pack. Joachim eventually pitted in second place swapping with Nigel, who rejoined 10s behind the leading pair. Nigel caught and eventually passed the two diesels and handed back to Julian, who rejoined back in third place as it began to rain.

Julian began to chase the leaders when the safety car came out and bunched up the whole pack which would make for an exciting end to the race!

When the safety car pulled in, the two diesels pulled a bit of a lead in the slippery conditions, which Julian then chased down as the track dried out, catching right up to the tail of Dominoes Pizza. A mistake at the second hairpin meant that Dominoes Pizza straight lined the chicane, putting plenty of clear air between them and us, and coincidentally setting a very fast lap time in the process! Luckily a safety car came out again, eliminating their cheeky advantage, and when the safety car came in, Julian very nearly got past Dominoes Pizza at old Hall, and then again into Druids, but the door was firmly closed with some robust but fair defensive driving. Julian eventually got past Dominoes Pizza when they struggled with gearbox problems, narrowly missing them as they slowed and swerved unexpectedly coming out of Druids.

Julian then set about trying to catch a flying Eco Racing, setting the fastest lap of the race in the process, but Eco’s pace was plenty quick enough to ensure their well deserved victory, with Team Racelogic finishing 2s behind and first in class to clinch not only the Petrol Class Championship, but the overall Championship as well!

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