Robyn’s First Race Meeting of 2014

Racelogic Production Supervisor, Robyn English, races in the British Autograss Series, and the 6th April saw her in action for the first time this year. Here’s her race report:

“So 1st meeting of the year done. We had a brilliant day at St Neots Autograss. This is the track that I raced at for the very first time eleven years ago in our old class 8. Also where I came third at the Nationals last year in the class 3. My favourite track I think. This was a non-points meeting for me, so plenty of practice without too much pressure.


There were three class 3  ladies signed on so they put us out with the ladies class 7’s. They set us off on a staggered start so the sevens had to chase us. They didn’t catch us all day!


First and second heats I came second behind a very experienced St Neots member who knows the track very well.

The Final. Well.. Best race of the day.

It started raining whilst I was on the start line so the track was quite wet, and it had also been watered on the inside line in trying to keep the dust down just before the rain came. Trish and I both had excellent starts, but she just beat me to the corner, but I was right behind her and decided to go out wide to find the grip. I found myself almost smashing into the back of her coming out of the corner so I thought: “Here we go! I’m going to get around the outside!”

A couple more laps and I found my opportunity. I took a wider line into the top corner so was carrying more speed on the way out. Trish had chosen the tighter line. This is when I nailed it and drove right past her on the straight and I had the lead. Only two laps to go and victory was mine.

Or so I thought???? Last corner, and for some reason (which Andrew told me off for) I went into defence mode, went a little too tight,  didn’t find the grip and just as I thought the chequered flag was about to be waved there she was.

Trish just beat me over the line. On the outside!!! by not even half a bonnet’s worth. It was so close. Kicking myself this morning, but also buzzing from an excellent day of good old fashioned grass roots club racing.”



We’ve got a stack of fantastic photos, all taken by our colleague Roger Foskett who works with Robyn in the Production Department, in the gallery and in our Facebook albums. Thanks Roger, and well done Robyn! Great start to the season.

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